Beautiful natural mineral materials have been appreciated and incorporated into classic architecture and art for centuries. We have recently seen the contemporary mineral styling trend emerge; reinventing the use and application of these timeless materials. Marble, slate and agate are taking main stage in lifestyle designs and have been seen incorporated into contemporary architecture, interior design, lighting, art, homeware and of course event styling.  Natural minerals speak of cool sophistication and utter luxury – so stay en-trend by including these gorgeous timeless textures and patterns into you next event design.



We stock beautiful mineral inspired décor elements available for rentals:
Slate tile underplates | Marble top steel frame plinths | Marble textured lamp bases and waist vases | Agate and marble print side tables and nesting tray tables | Agate coasters | Marble printed backdrop.

NEW ARRIVALS: Agate peg-leg side tables in green and grey!


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