Get ready to view a colourful visual feast of authentic homegrown ideas in this gorgeous styled wedding shoot styled by Jeanine Richards – Owner of Ninirichi Style Studio; in conjunction with Tickled Pink Weddings Events, As Sweets as Images Photography and an amazing team of wedding industry leaders. Our home city Johannesburg is a rich source of inspiration; from her history, culture and diversity, to her gritty textures, vibrant colours, abundant creativity and exceptional skills and talents that abound. We created a striking shoot; jam packed with bespoke details that will be sure to leave a lasting impression and encourage brides to think outside the box and express their inner African Queen!
City of Gold Styled Shoot_0032

Make a bold statement with your first touch point – This striking invitation set will leave guests intrigued and excited to attend your big day celebration.


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0015


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0040Hand-made Shwe-Shwe fabric envelopes, bound with beaded sisal twine and punched name-tags.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0022


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0041

We utilized Amy’s beautiful gritty background texture photos from our site visit to 1 Fox – The Sheds (a decommissioned dynamite factory in the heart of Jozi); over which we layered bold typographic details and colour pop silhouette graphics.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0027Individual information cards bound with a gold split-pin to form a fan-out pinwheel.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0060


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0059


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0036


Bespoke crafted signage concept – a great recognizable detail to place at the venue entrance to lead guests in the right direction as they arrive. Embroidery hoops housing bold traditional Shwe Shwe fabrics and crochet looms framing  signage prints – mounted on a chicken wire fence and embellished with giant buttons.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0155


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0158


Informal township style seating arrangements at the welcome drinks area – reclaimed packaging crates with Shwe Shwe cushions for comfort and style.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0101


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0095Gogo’s [granny’s] home-made ginger-beer served out of a wheelbarrow cooler.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0216


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0212Customized bottle labels, long black straws with paper-cut pink heart straw-toppers.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0209A South African party is incomplete without some piping hot “moer koffee” – served in township style tin mugs with monogrammed detail.


Serve up some traditional South African canapes to keep the hunger at bay until the banquet feast time arrives.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0089


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0085Mini bunny chow – a traditional South African take-away street food consisting of hollowed out half loaves of bread filled with beef curry.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0081


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0087Frikkadels  [AKA meatballs] served with Mrs Balls chutney in decorated Consol (Mason) jar | Slate tile platters and fresh garnish | Custom-made shwe shwe waiter aprons.


When guests are presented with a tissue favour as they arrive at the ceremony; one will know it is going to be an emotional affair. We made up the delightful shwe shwe tissue pouches as a lovely keep-sake.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0169


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0170


The ceremony setup in this amazing distressed space is rich is texture and character. An assortment of reclaimed / recycled panels artistically displayed to form a suggestion of a  city-skyline backdrop. A gold sequin fabric strip runs through the backdrop and along the aisle forming a sparkling walkway for the bridal couple. The backdrop it lit-up with raw light-bulb strings adding to the industrial aesthetic.City of Gold Styled Shoot_0335

Gold painted concrete brick candle stands, gold dipped textured candle votives and hand-crafted flowers line the aisle.  Informal crate / cushion ottoman seating for guests.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0345


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0344


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0342


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0336


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0362


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0361


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0360


Unique bespoke handcrafted bouquets – inspired by the abundance of hand-craft arts that are on sale on the streets of Jozi.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0189Giant beaded wire pin-cushion protea bouquet.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0196Sculptured tin-flower bouquet with elaborate magenta beaded centre.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0201King protea sculpture [South Africa’s national flower] – made from reclaimed wooden spoons and wooden beads.


Guests are presented with beautifully packaged bubble fluid in Consol [Mason] jars and beaded wire wands to rain blessing bubbles down of the bridal couple as they leave the ceremony.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0141


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0142


Shwe shwe wedding quilt display as an alternative to a traditional guest register book. Guests instructed to sign the quilt as a blessing keep-sake.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0122Vintage singer sewing machine [from Antiques and Things], bespoke quilt and hand-crafted felt roses; alluding to the rich heritage of needle crafts many South African woman have mastered.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0128


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0126


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0125A beautiful quote from Madiba [AKA Nelson Mandela) – layers of blessings for our bridal couple.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0136


Quirky seating plan display inspired by the street vendors that sell their fruit on the pavements of Jozi. They generally build stalls from found materials and artistically display their fruit on plastic plates to attract the attention of passer buys. We reworked this concept and added some signature style and glamour – We used hot-pink plastic plates to frame prints of the table arrangements, sprayed the fruit gold to make them more sculptural and added tin-flower sculptures. Bespoke shwe shwe bunting signage finished off the display.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0102


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0108


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0117


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0119


This striking banquet tablescape is a rich visual feast in itself.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0217

Used this fabulous industrial raw wood table with cast aluminium findings formed  the base of our table design [compliments of Pick-up-stix] then added these retro yellow Tolix replica chairs [supplied by Inspire Furniture rentals]. We suspended an egg shape cage pendant light with exposed light-bulb over the table and decorated with it with hand-crafted flowers.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0264

We added a vibrant orange shwe shwe overlay and mix-and-match stiff shwe shwe linen napkins. Bespoke menu card were attached to the napkins with wooden vintage clothing pegs.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0261


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0262


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0258


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0255

Hand crafted flowers displayed in stacked tin-bowls and recyled bean-cans with shwe shwe wrappers. Mercury-glass candle votives add city-of-gold sparkle to the table design.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0237

Bespoke underplate layer made from lasercut vinyl LP record and mini LP label with serving as a name place-card.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0238

An eclectic assortment of drinking vessels – tall gold rimmed champagne flutes, retro hot pink wine goblets and monogrammed mugs.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0250

Resin cast kudu horn vases, painted white and tips dipped in glitter. Gold painted aloes.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0239


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0247


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0221


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0251


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0252


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0254


What is a wedding without a styled / themed dessert buffet? Well this one captures all the fun and style of traditional South African sweet treat time.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0283

Shanty style corrugated iron clad table | Reclaimed oil drum risers | Fondant plastered cake with gold edible foiling and glitter | Shwe shwe crafted stuffed chicken cake topper | Consol [Mason] jars, recyled food-cans,  tin bowls and spray-painted kitchen vessels filled with popular South African brand spaza candies and crafted flowers |  Traditional South African baked desserts | Bespoke paper-punch food labels | “Ag Sweet” [a typical South African colloquial expression] laser-cut signage | Repurposed grater lighting pendants.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0302


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0301


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0299


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0291


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0320


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0312


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0308


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0306


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0314


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0303


Time to pose – this bespoke photo-booth backdrop concept is unique, interactive and fun! A black stretched felt base with loose laser-cut felt graphic shapes – for guests to build and rearrange their own backdrop scenes.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0367Floral arrangement backdrop design

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0382Floating heart backdrop design with laser-cut glitter props to inspire you.


Time to sing and dance the night away to some urban lounge and Sophiatown tunes. Party space setup against the funky graffiti walls at 1 Fox. DJ booth (sponsored by Prop Stars)

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0369


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0372Laser-cut vinyl LP under-plate being showed off by our resident DJ.


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0378Dance glitter laser-cut prop and a hot pink smoke bomb.


Gorgeous bridal gown and gold sequin dressed by the talented Vesselina Pentencheva. Striking shwe shwe turban, gold metal wire choker and wooden African beaded bracelet. Hand crafted wooden spoon king protea bouquet.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0324


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0387


Jozi city view from Shine Studios.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0396


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0399


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0420


Sunset at the amazing rooftop venue Randlords.

City of Gold Styled Shoot_0429


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0418


City of Gold Styled Shoot_0434



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Concept, Decor, Styling and Stationery – Ninirichi Style Studio –

Planning and Co-ordination – Tickled Pink Weddings and Events –

Photography – As Sweet as Images –

Bridal and Bridesmaid dresses – Vesselina Pentcheva –

Bridesmaid dresses – White Lilly Bridal –

Make-up and Hair – Courney Chadwick Makeup Artist –

Videographer – Enthusiastic Weddings –

Drone Footage – Revolution Inc –

Venue – 1 Fox The Sheds –

Venue – Shine Studios-

Venue – Randlords –

Furniture manufacturer – Pick-Up-Stix –

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